Scottish Welfare Fund (SWF)

The Scottish Welfare Fund (SWF) provides grants for people on low incomes through the provision of Community Care Grants and Crisis Grants. The Scottish Government provides funding to local authorities who then award the discretionary payments.

The SWF replaced elements of the UK Government's Social Fund that were devolved in 2013.

Scottish Government's funding plans

The Scottish Government has set the 2019-20 budget for the SWF at £33 million. The fund has stayed constant at £33 million since 2013-14.

The Scottish Government has not informed us of any plans to change the level of funding for the SWF over the forecast period. We present the Scottish Government's funding plans in the table below. We do not assess the demand for the Scottish Welfare Fund nor whether the funding from the Scottish Government is reasonable.

Scottish Welfare Fund forecast – May 2019

£ million  2017-18  2018-19  2019-20  2020-21  2021-22  2022-23   2023-24 2024-25
   33  33  33  33  33  33  33 33

Source: Scottish Fiscal Commission (2019) Scotland's Economic & Fiscal Forecasts - May 2019.

Our report Scotland’s Economic and Fiscal Forecasts contains further information on our Scottish Welfare Fund forecast.

Supporting information

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