Payments to Carers

Carer Support Payment (CSP) will replace Carer’s Allowance (CA), which is paid to individuals who provide unpaid care for someone who is disabled and has substantial caring needs. The pilot for CSP has begun in November 2023 with the national launch to start in spring 2024. In September 2023 we have published supplementary costing for the introduction of CSP to accompany legislation introduced to the Scottish Parliament.

Our forecast of CSP covers the Scottish Government’s plans to introduce Carer’s Additional Person Payment (CAPP) which will provide £10 per week to individuals receiving CSP and caring for more than one disabled person. We assume that CAPP is launched after the case transfer from DWP is complete.

Additionally, carers who receive CA in Scotland are entitled to and receive Carers Allowance Supplement (CAS). CAS is paid biannually by Social Security Scotland using information on people living in Scotland and receiving CA on a specific qualifying date, with no need to apply separately. CAS will continue to be paid when CSP is introduced.

Social Security Scotland also pays an annual Young Carer Grant for carers aged under nineteen. We do not produce a forecast for Young Carer Grant as the spending is below our materiality threshold.