Future social security

In the 2024-25 Budget year, the devolution of the areas of social security set out in the Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018 will be completed.

While executive competence has been devolved for most payments, several continue to be administered by the Department for Work and Pensions under Agency Agreements. While this continues, we produce forecasts of spending under UK Government policy, switching to forecast the new Scottish benefits when sufficient policy details are available.

The Scottish Government has indicated that Pension Age Disability Payment, the replacement payment for Attendance Allowance, will be launched nationally in 2025 with a pilot planned for autumn 2024.

Pension Age Winter Heating Payment (PAWHP) will replace the UK Government’s Winter Fuel Payment (WFP) in Scotland from winter 2024-25. Employment Injuries Assistance (EIA) will replace the suite of industrial injuries benefits that are part of the current Industrial Injuries Disablement Scheme (IIDS) in Scotland from 2025-26. Policy details for the replacement payment, timing of implementation and case transfer approach are yet to be confirmed.