Forthcoming Events and Publications – September 2020


3 September, 11am-12.10pm – We’ll be hosting an online presentation + Q & A session focusing on our second Fiscal Update and the effect of COVID-19 on Scotland’s economy and Budget. We look forward to you joining us. It’s free and easy to register here.


2 September, 9:30am – Fiscal Update. We’ll publish a second Fiscal Update on the latest position of the Scottish Budget for 2020-21. This follows our first Fiscal Update published in April.  

2 September, 9.30am – Forecast Evaluation Report 2020, reviews our forecast performance in 2019-20. This excludes evaluation of our 2018-19 income tax forecast, which we’ll publish on 5 October following the delayed publication of outturn data by HMRC.

2 September, 9.30am – Statement of Data Needs 2020, reports on the data we use and ways in which it could be improved.  

5 October, 9.30amForecast Evaluation Report – Income Tax, reviews our Income Tax forecast 2018-19. This follows the later than usual publication of HMRC’s outturn data for this period.

5 October, 9.30am – Income tax revenue and the distribution of income, our response to a request from the Finance and Constitution Committee to review the effect that the distribution of income has on growth in income tax revenues.

Date to be confirmed October – Annual Report and Accounts 2019-20.

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