Forthcoming Publications – June 2024


Scotland’s Economic and Fiscal Forecasts

In line with pre-election guidance for the UK General Election the Scottish Government is no longer publishing its Medium-Term Financial Strategy on 20 June 2024. Therefore, we will not be publishing our forecasts on that date.

Letter from Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government to Professor Graeme Roy about MTFS and related publications – 28 May 2024

Late August / early September 2024 (date to be confirmed)

Forecast Evaluation Report.
A review of our forecast performance for 2023-24 and our income tax forecasts for 2022-23.

Statement of Data Needs.
A report on the data we use to produce our forecasts and inform our analysis and ways in which it could be improved.

Recent Events

25 April – Fiscal Sustainability Perspectives: Climate Change. A public webinar about this report was held on 25 April. A recording of it is available on the Commission’s website at:

Fiscal Sustainability Perspectives: Climate Change | Scottish Fiscal Commission