How we work with others

To do our job well we work closely with others, but our relationships are structured and the boundaries of our engagement very clear.

Our relationship with the Scottish Government is set out in our Framework Document. The Commission has also agreed a Protocol with the Scottish Government covering interactions between our two organisations. This covers the forecasting, assessment and reporting process both during the formal periods of engagement around fiscal events and engagement outwith fiscal events.

The Commission previously agreed protocols which were in place in 2018-19, and 2017-18. A supplement to the 2017-18 protocol covered the procedure for the Budget Bill 2018-19.

We also have Memoranda of Understanding regarding the way we work together and share data with HM Revenue and Customs, Revenue Scotland, the Department of Work and Pensions, and the Office for Budget Responsibility.

Although we don’t produce statistics, we aim to operate using principles set out in the Code of Practice for Statistics.

The Commission seeks to adhere to the highest standards for analysis possible. While we do not produce official statistics (we produce forecasts), the Commission and our work voluntarily complies as much as possible with the UK Statistic Authority’s Code of Practice for Statistics. Further details can be found in our Voluntary Statement of Compliance.