Social Security

The Commission is responsible for forecasting all Social Security devolved to the Scottish Parliament. On these pages you can find out more about the Social Security forecasts we produce.

Devolved social security payments in 2022-23

Social security payment£ million
Payments funded by Block Grant Adjustments:3,737
of which Adult Disability Payment [1]2,027
of which Pension Age Disability Payment554
of which Attendance Allowance446
of which Carer’s Allowance314
of which Child Disability Payment [3]292
of which Industrial Injuries Disablement Scheme78
of which Winter Heating Payment20
of which Severe Disablement Allowance6
Other Social Security Scotland payments:306
of which Scottish Child Payment213
of which Carer’s Allowance Supplement44
of which Best Start Grant21
of which Best Start Foods13
of which Funeral Support Payment10
of which Child Winter Heating Assistance6
Other devolved social security:150
of which Discretionary Housing Payments81
of which Scottish Welfare Fund38
of which Fair Start Scotland24
of which Self-Isolation Support Grant8
Total Social Security4,193

Source: Scottish Government,      

Social Security Scotland.      

Outturn figures are provisional and may change when Social Security Scotland publish their audited accounts.    

[1] Adult Disability Payment figures include Personal Independence Payment    

[2] Disability Living Allowance (Adult) figures are based on our estimated split of DLA spending between children and adults

[3] Child Disability Payment figures include our estimate of spending on children still receiving Disability Living Allowance.