Forthcoming publications and events – May 2022


31 May 2022 – Scotland’s Economic and Fiscal Forecasts. We’ll publish our next set of five year forecasts to accompany the Scottish Government’s Medium Term Financial Strategy and Resource Spending Review. Our forecasts are part of the Commission’s main forecast publication series and will provide new economic, tax and social security forecasts.


14 June 2022 – ONLINE EVENT 11am-12pm: Scotland’s Economic and Fiscal Forecasts – May 2022. You’re invited to join this free online event. Commissioners will join senior members of our team to summarise our forecasts published on 31 May. Following a short presentation we’ll be pleased to answer your questions. If you’d like to join, PLEASE REGISTER HERE and we’ll send you a link in advance of the event.

You can also send questions in advance if more convenient, to