Forthcoming publications – March 2024

14 March 2024, 9.30am
 – Fiscal Sustainability Perspectives: Climate Change. We explore how climate change could affect the Scottish Government’s fiscal sustainability. The report considers the potential effects on Scottish public finances from damage created by climate change; the costs of adapting to a changing environment and taking action to meet Scotland’s statutory emissions targets to reach net-zero by 2045. We also discuss the data and information we’d need from the Scottish and UK governments to produce projections of climate change funding and spending.
This paper will be the first in a new series published every two years, focusing on different themes relating to fiscal sustainability. Our next Fiscal Sustainability Report with full updated projections will be published in 2025 and these reports will be published every two years.
May (date TBC) – Scotland’s Economic and Fiscal Forecasts. These forecasts are part of the Commission’s main forecast publication series and will provide new economic, tax and social security forecasts to accompany the Scottish Government’s Medium Term Financial Strategy announcement. As yet the Scottish Government has not announced the publication date.


29 February 2024, 9:30am – How we set policy baselines. We published a paper that sets out the Commission’s approach to setting policy baselines. This includes a conclusion on the consultation on how to set policy baselines we launched last May. You’ll find it here: How we set policy baselines – Scottish Fiscal Commission